Online mileage and fuel management

Say goodbye to countless spreadsheets, disparate methods of employee mileage recording and inaccurate declarations.
Available 24/7 on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones, Vertivia’s suite of mileage and fuel management tools are immediately intuitive for anyone involved in fleet management or company vehicle driving (on average, it takes just 26 seconds to record a new trip.)
Postcode mapping ensures mile-by-mile accuracy of each claim and fuel card costs can be uploaded directly to Vertivia. This gives employees and their managers peace of mind that the carbon output and cost-per-mile of the vehicle are recorded and accurate.
In addition, Vertivia offers tracker and telematics data feeds, full driver support and comes with no set up costs.

Payroll File Production

If there’s one element of mileage management you don’t want to get wrong, it’s the payroll file.
With Vertivia, managers can rest safe in the knowledge that driver payments and deductions are calculated automatically and in accordance with company policy.
Vertivia can calculate the mileage element of payroll either on a pence per mile or ‘at cost’ basis, if fuel cards are used. Payroll files are sent in-line with each customer deadline to enable simple administration and submissions come payday.

Duty of care driver declarations

Keeping regular tabs on driver health and their fitness to drive is challenging, but with Vertivia, duty of care declarations can be quickly and conveniently submitted.
Full disclosure of licence penalty points is catered for, and regular or bespoke submissions of employee health and fitness to drive made as simple as they should be.
Vertivia can also be configured so that expense claims cannot be submitted until the full duty of care declaration has been completed.

Vehicle Compliance checks

Vehicle health is as important as that of the driver, and with Vertivia, you can submit regular compliance checks all from the comfort of a single, easy-to-use, web-based system.
Are the tyres legal and of the correct pressure? Is the oil level topped up? Do all lights work?
Imagine having detailed vehicle health information within reaching distance at all times. With Vertivia you’ll have just that - and more.

Full Reporting Suite

Vertivia lifts the lid on the performance of drivers and company vehicles within the business. Offering live reporting on driver population, trip recording, mileage covered and cost analysis, the system reveals vital metrics about your business fleet that would otherwise have remained hidden.
A range of compliance reports are also included, enabling the organisation to identify gaps in submission and instances where private use has been undertaken but without a record of private mileage.
Vertivia will offer a bird’s eye view on your fleet’s performance and make sense of the vital data that is collected from drivers or processed automatically.