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Mileage Capture & Audit

In a nutshell, we reduces your fuel bills by accurately recording and auditing your employees’ business mileage and fuel expenditure.

Mileage+, our award-winning Mileage Capture and Audit service, starts with an easy to use mobile app that logs drivers’ mileage whilst on the go. We can also take a telematics feed or alternatively, drivers can input their business trips via our online system. We audit every journey and ensure compliance with your company policy. At the end of each month, drivers submit their final odometer reading and we provide a payroll file for reimbursement/private mileage deductions where fuel cards are used.

Fuel Management

Fuel+ is a unique fuel management service. We typically save our customers 15.4% off their total fuel spend.

We work with a number of fuel, travel and expense card partners, and help you select the card/s that best suits your objectives, including public charging for EVs. We can help you with global, regional or national fuel card strategies.

Coupled with our unique Mileage+ service, we carry out advanced audits on fuel transactions.

Occupational Road Risk & Duty of Care

Preventative, inclusive comprehensive risk management.

Our product, Compliance+, is a proactive service that improves safety and reduces costs. We do this by aggregating and interrogating your fleet data to gain a complete view of driver behaviour.

Compliance+ is a data orientated risk service that gives an indepth view of each and every employee, regardless of what type of vehicle they drive – from HGV/ LGV, through to company cars, cash allowance and grey fleet. Compliance+ covers one and all.

Compliance+ includes our following services:

  • Visa to Drive - Visa to Drive uses TMC’s software along with our team of expert auditors to collect, collate and verify your employees’ documentation to fulfil your duty of care obligations.
  • Driving Licence Checks
  • Risk Assessments and Drive Training

Solutions to Electrify Your Fleet

Are you keen to electrify your fleet but unsure where to start?

Or do you have electric vehicles within your fleet but are unclear as to how effective they are?

We can help! Our real world data-driven solutions give you the full picture to take the uncertainty out of going electric.

We look at the journey profile of each vehicle in your fleet to identify where electric vehicles would work well. We continue this analysis once electric vehicles are deployed to measure their impact and identify where else electric vehicles could be used successfully.

We can help with charging too –  in terms of both domestic charging reimbursement and public charging.  We take in domestic charging data and reimburse employees for business mileage. We can help with the payment of public charging on the electric highway via our pay and reclaim and charge card solutions.

To compliment the real world data and insight we provide, our consultants can help you through the whole process of going electric. From identifying your goals to helping you with all the practicalities such as vehicle purchase/funding, buying/leasing charge points and employee on-boarding.

General Expense Management

Expense+ is our easy-to-use online tool for processing all general expenses. It works by enabling employees to claim all their travel related expenses via our simple to use system and app, reducing administration and streamlining payment.

Telematics solutions for every type of fleet

Telematics+ from TMC includes two key elements:
1. Sourcing a telematics device
We have the best in market telematics solutions available and can find the perfect device
for you and your fleet.
2. Consolidation of current telematics data
If you already have telemetry services deployed, Telematics+ helps you aggregate,
consolidate and manage the wide-ranging data sets available from all your telematics
providers in one simple place.
Telematics+ is a useful service for either when you are looking for a new telematics system
or when you are managing more than one telematics supplier and require a single view of
all their telematics information, across every provider in all business lines and markets.

Consolidating sources of mobility data

Data+ is designed to consolidate similar data from multiple sources to provide a single dashboard which can be reviewed and analysed.

For example, if you have multiple suppliers of fuel cards or telematics in multiple countries, Data+ consolidates them to provide consistency and analysis.

Simplifying the management of multiple suppliers

Transition+ consolidates similar data from multiple sources into a single dashboard.

Transition+ simplifies the management of multiple suppliers, by consolidating invoices, payroll files, and data from your whole fleet supply chain. Our clients find this service very useful for when they are:

  • Managing legacy fleets
  • Moving between different providers

Manage all your business-related travel costs

Mobility+ enables companies to manage all business-related travel costs via a single dashboard.

It consolidates all sources of mobility data to ensure you are getting a complete 360-degree picture of your mobility spend. This includes:

  • Vehicle leasing costs
  • SMR
  • Accident costs
  • Fuel & hire cars
  • Trains and planes
  • Hotels & meals
  • Car parking, tolls and fines

Save money on employee benefits

Car iQ: Car iQ has been developed to provide an alternative to the company car in response to ever increasing company car taxation.

Cash IQ: If your business offers drivers a cash allowance in lieu of a company car, we could help you make immediate savings.

Fuel iQ: Fully expensed fuel cards are a popular benefit, however, they can prove very costly to both employees and employers. Fuel IQ enables you to move away from free fuel whilst ensuring no one is out of pocket.

VAT iQ: We can advise the best way to report your VAT reclaim to ensure you maximise your VAT reclaim.